Inter American School of Puerto Rico Guayama Campus

Inter American School of Puerto Rico Guayama Campus

Inter Western University out-of Puerto Rico Guayama University. Name V Cooperative Investment Possessive Nouns and you can Possessive Adjectives Prof. Marisol Piazza Aguirre. Information. Use the following the keys to browse from this component: Make use of this button to move to another location fall.

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Inter American University away from Puerto Rico Guayama Campus

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Inter American University off Puerto RicoGuayama Campus Term V Collaborative Project Possessive Nouns and Possessive Adjectives Prof. Marisol Piazza Aguirre

Rules Utilize the following the buttons to help you navigate through this module: Make use of this key to go to another slip. Use this switch to go on the early in the day slide. Make use of this button to go on last seen fall. Utilize this switch to get into the answer to the fresh do so.

Mission So it module proposes to expand might training training products regarding English as part of the Identity V Cooperative Investment: “Improving Academic Effects Because of a coaching Depending Consortium Program to your Key Program”. Your panels are included from the Pontifical Catholic College away from Puerto Rico from inside the Ponce that it is brought, the fresh Arecibo, puses, the institution out of Vinyl Arts off Puerto Rico and you will Inter American School out of Puerto Rico, Guayama Campus.

Addition An important skill an enthusiastic ESL (English given that another Code) pupil is always to learn to communicate effortlessly for the English orally as well as in authored setting is the use of Possessive Different Nounsand Possessive Adjectives. Which module was created for all college students but specially to you personally pupils that happen to be entered from the basic English because the next Words I GEEN 1101 movement. Contained in this module you are going to data and you may remark the rules and you will samples of making use of Possessive Forms of Nouns andPossessive Adjectives correctly.

Expectations Standard Goal: By the end on the component, the fresh college student will build up rely on and you can have demostrated studies playing with Possessive Variations of Nouns and Possessive Adjectivesin dental and you will created function centered on the rules showed. Particular Purpose: After so it module, the college student will learn simple tips to means Possessive Nouns as well as how to use Possessive Adjectives correctly for the dental and also in created means to display ownership and you will dating.

Pre-Try Tips: Discover for each take action very carefully and select an informed answer. ___ step one. ____ auto is within the vehicles mechanic shop. (A) Bobs (B) Bob’s (C) Bobs’ ___ dos. My personal ____ sis are my aunt. (A) mother’s (B) parents (C) mothers’ ___ step three. Basically from inside the a marriage, the new ____ dress is white. (A) brides’ (B) bride’s (C) brides ___ cuatro. A: Whose smartphone is this? B: It is ____ portable. (A) Anas (B) Anas’ (C) Ana’s ___ 5. This new ____ presents are on one’s heart dining table about reception city. (A) guests’ (B) guest’s (C) subscribers

Pre-Decide to try ___ six. Ronnie’s puppy try amicable. ____ canine is also really obedient. (A) Your (B) He (C) Their ___ 7. A: Can you for example Adriana’s boyfriend? B: Sure, I do. ____ date is a humble gentleman. (A) The woman (B) She (C) Hers ___ 8. My classmates and i would ____ college or university systems with her. (A) united states (B) the (C) ours ___ 9. Your dog wags ____ tail if this observes restaurants. (A) the (B) it’s (C) its’ ___ 10. Both you and Elena need to signal ____ PELL Offer data. (A) your own (B) your’s (C) your

Pre-Try ___ eleven. A: Do you realize ____ neighbors? B: Zero, however, We read he is troublemakers. (A) Luis’s (B) Luis’ (C) Responses Good and you can B try right ___ twelve. The brand new ____ are manufactured from cedar wood. (A) kitchen’s cupboards (B) cabinets of one’s cooking area (C) kitchens cabinet’s ___ 13. A: What exactly are their ____ names? B: Its labels is Gabriela and you will Jonathan. (A) childrens (B) child’s (C) childrens’ ___ 14. My personal ____ beauty salon is obviously complete. (A) sister-in-law’s (B) sister’s-in-legislation (C) sister-in-laws’ ___ fifteen. ____ seashore residence is an excellent destination to relax and have fun. (A) Kathy’s and you may Robert (B) Kathy and you will Robert’s (C) Kathy’s and you may Robert’s






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