Up against the stereotypical “scorned partner” pop music superstar archetype, Fiefer contact subject areas which might be introspective, philosophical, and you will emotional

Up against the stereotypical “scorned partner” pop music superstar archetype, Fiefer contact subject areas which might be introspective, philosophical, and you will emotional

“I i did what you myself,” she says, “We also needed to clean a couple locations myself just before creating. My party has been therefore supporting and you can watched that i was operating so hard. It really sprang into help. Immediately, Wassim was my spouse, who has usually helping the name look for a means to push something send. Johnny and George are my family, these include visiting my suggests because they was in fact 15. They’ve been always beside me on to the ground, enabling myself play anything from video clips production, cost management times, selling tips, article marketing, and you will basically everything a tag has to play, from songs conception into discharge, and eventually the fresh concert events.”

Fiefer’s first album, ‘Frequency 1′ is actually a collaborative masterpiece. Put into about three chapters, new album identifies Fiefer’s trip of that have a personality drama, to help you betrayal, and in the end culminating towards full-on frustration function. Completely worry about-lead, Fiefer made the music and submitted the new lyrics in her bunk-sleep studio in the home. By using the lady cluster, and her comic-guide fanatic brother Samer, new record finally been delivering figure in the form of a villain provider facts.

“The story of your record is written in it,” she claims. “I really wanted to depict the newest creative process and you can display they inside tunes and you may on record album.”

The album’s starting track are a re also-translation of the Arabic individuals tune ‘Sidi Mansour’, known as ‘Allah Allah Ya Baba’. Well balancing the fresh new while the old, the brand new tune is actually an enthusiastic ode to Fiefer’s sources.

“Within the revolution, I was which have a kissbrides.com decisive hyperlink personality crisis that numerous most other Lebanese somebody were and against. We believed ripped anywhere between writing my tunes and you can doing just the right thing, that has been getting with the roads and creating our very own region for the country.”

“New record album continues to ‘Sharaf’, meaning honour from inside the Arabic. Following the August cuatro rush, acknowledging existence and everything all around us turned into debilitating. In some ways, it actually was myself stating goodbye in order to some unsuspecting way of considering and you will beginning to take on my personal inner villain. I realized that sometimes, we actually have to be our own villain to remain our own honour intact. Such, I might rather anyone inexpensive dinner to feed their family, unlike pick their family starve, even though it indicates it chance being what society calls an effective unlawful.”

Here, We flip brand new option, and that i only want to observe the world burn off

Fiefer’s villain source story initiate right here. The woman tunes appear to be people experiencing their unique conversion, in the process of a quest of trace sort out the present day songs procedure.

The second song goes on to talk about the life-style of several of us real time, heading clubbing, taking intoxicated, acting instance you’ll find nothing completely wrong and you may numbing the thoughts to use and forget the fresh new agony and you will a mess all around us

“The brand new single I simply released ‘s the wake associated with the phase, in which I became speaing frankly about thinking away from betrayal, anger, and you will rage from everything i was watching around myself. Feelings all the story’s villain understands well. Impression including anyone stabbed you regarding right back, and you can coping with you to definitely nervousness is exactly what ‘Khatar’ is all about,” she demonstrates to you.

“During the time, I did not truly know dealing with one to anxiety, therefore i sunken it. That’s what ‘Nazele Huge Champagne’ is approximately.”

Watching Blu create ‘Nazele Big Champagne’ is truly a sensation. Even with a lot of this lady record getting unreleased (as of yet), fans away from Beirut so you’re able to Paris sing along to help you the woman lyrics. It’s without a doubt a knock song, in fact it is sure to blow-up another it is released.

“The fresh record ends up beside me that have enough of everything, about existential crisis up until the nervousness and you can incorrect sense from pleasure. The record album concludes for the a high notice regarding empowerment, that have a dark undertone you to definitely only a great ‘Villain Bala Cause’ create see.”

Fiefer together with desired to promote a shout-over to this lady group, who started off since the admirers, and rapidly changed into enabling the lady develop up until she was at a situation to add all of them with a position.






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